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Seared Beef Nigiri

Seared beef nigiri

Black Dragon Roll

Absolte MEIZ

Spicy Selection

MEIZ Kingdon

Ombrellino Pinot Grigio Rosé – Bottle

Soft pink colour with a purplish hue. A balanced wine with fresh and pleasant notes of cherry red fruit and slightly ripe forest fruit.

Viertalo Tempranillo Garnacha – 250ml

Raspberry and black cherry fruits on the nose that also emerge on the palate complemented by a touchof spice. £5.90/glass £18.00/bottle

Takara Plum Wine – 250ml

TAKARA PLUM WINE, 750ml 10%, £5.90/175ml/Glass Takara plum is rich, sweet and aromatic plum wine suitable as an aperitif, the flavour used for this product is based on "Ume", a special plum cultivated in Japan, which is very tart in flavour. £28.00/bottle



Coke – Cans 330ml

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